CalVan Environmental, a small woman-owned consulting practice, has worked with non-profit, private and government clients and partners in the Mid-Atlantic region since 2000. CalVan draws on 30 years of experience convening partners, creating programs, advancing policies, and managing projects that have enlisted and educated diverse communities, clients and constituents around water resources management and land conservation.  

Calvan provides technical assistance, community relations, training services to advance environmental stewardship and compliance.  Expertise:

  • Stormwater Management
  • Open Space Protection and Watershed Restoration
  • Integrated Waste Management and Pollution Prevention
  • Sustainability
  • Permits
  • Grants

Approaching projects as a team player, CalVan prides itself on its integrity and pragmatism. Dedicated and flexible, Calvan has successfully steered and executed projects providing value-added service on time and budget. With a proven track record securring funding, building support, and leading innovative and strategic initiatives, CalVan gets projects off-the-ground and over the finish line. 

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